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Lake Tillery Is A Different Lifestyle 

What in the world are we talking about when we say “different”? Well, over the Thanksgiving holiday we took a trip to New Orleans. This being my first trip I got to experience something I hadn’t before in my other travels. Being in the heart of New Orleans you see, hear, and taste many new things. Even the real estate market down there is different from us. If you think a home here can be expensive some homes down there can be easily over $1 million!

A waterfront home for example here on LT can be in a range of $300,000-$650,000 with the exception of those newer homes that could exceed that. That is waterfront with a pier and views of the lake for your enjoyment and it is part of a lifestyle. That is also where we create memories by boating, doing water sports, being with friends and family, and more! Speaking of taste, I can’t forget the smell of the grill cooking hamburgers and hotdogs.

Here is where the comparing comes into play. In New Orleans, to have a prime location home, you will bring out a chunk of change. To give y’all an idea of what I mean by that I did a little research and as of December 2017 the average price of a 3 bedroom home is $386,737. Where as the average as a whole for all of Stanly County for a 3 bedroom home is only $166,422 (according to my research from January 1-December 13, 2017). Wow!

Of course, the location always has a determining factor of the home as well. That takes place everywhere in the U.S. whether it be waterfront or farm land. So, if you wanted to live in the heart of New Orleans in the city where all of the action takes place you could easily get into the million dollar mark before you know it!

But what makes this housing market very unique to ours is the design, decor, and overall look of the places. A home in the French Quarter has beautiful iron railing on the deck overlooking the streets and huge chandeliers in at least one room. They may also typically boast an old world style of decorating as you would see mostly throughout New Orleans and many hotels down there. Needless to say it is very beautiful down there for anyone who loves history like I do.

More About My New Orleans Experience!

With this being the first trip I wanted to take in everything I could in just three short days. We stayed at the famous Bourbon Orleans (supposedly haunted) Hotel. It had that beautiful old world decor throughout with modern touches here and there. When most people think about this place they always think Bourbon Street but I wanted to see everything so we didn’t waste any time there. My favorite place to see by far was Jackson Square. The amazing church and park area there was very pretty. Did you know.. people get on a waiting list of 10 years to get married in that church. The main street which is Canal street that is where all of the big chain stores are with street cars and palm trees. It reminded me of a much warmer NYC at night with all of the lights.

One other thing I truly enjoyed as much as the site seeing was the food. I really love food! Gumbo here is nothing compared to the true creole gumbo I had there. It isn’t overly spiced like it is here and the seafood is fresh. Also, it sounds crazy but I had room service for the first time and it was perfect. After a long day and flight in Brogan and I stayed in, ordered room service, and watched Christmas Vacation. One of the days there I had some amazing Bananas Foster French Toast at breakfast. The other thing I found a bit surprising was seeing potatoes on the breakfast menu. But, I guess other people think the same when they see grits on our menu? The potatoes though were awesome whether for breakfast or lunch. If you love oysters as much as I do then Acme Oyster is the place to go for raw or char-grilled oysters. The line to get in is worth it! The last NOLA food experience I had before leaving was at the famous Cafe du Monde. The wonderful and sugar loaded beignets are hot and super fresh when they are brought to you.

Although it was a short trip for Thanksgiving it was great to see a new place and do new things. I will go back for the food too! After all it is a different culture and lifestyle than we have up here so why not experience the different every now and then?

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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