New Year & New Home

New Year & New Home 

This month only two years ago we spent our first nights in the new home we had only closed on just two months prior. At this point we had painted just a few main rooms (living room, hallway, and master bedroom) and had a totally new kitchen. At the time we felt as if a lot had been accomplished but there was still a long road of house rehab ahead of us! But, how is this part of the flipping story?

Well, with any story of progress you have to sometimes stop for a minute during the madness to realize how far something has come. Before pictures can make someone realize that while it has been a lot of hard work it does pay off! Trust me, during the kitchen remodel there was definitley a few days along the way I never wanted to do this again. There was so many different patterns, colors, textures, and flooring choices they all began to run together eventually. While we both knew what “vision” we wanted they at times clashed.

During the progress of our new kitchen to stay out of the way of the guys operating the power tools I spent many days painting. Turning the peach and green colored walls into a much prettier light gray was satisfying! While painting of course some prep was involved so I got to see even more of the previous wall colors. What did that unveil? Well, at one point my hallway was a light purple. Yes I said purple! Seeing those colors go made me happy and the progress was nice seeing something that needed a little love turn into our home.

Speaking of unveiling the hidden past of this home I come over one day to paint, again, and what I suppose as the original kitchen floor was the yellow laminate squares that reminded me of my great grandparents beach house. Although neither home has that ugly flooring anymore it took me back to being a kid and spending countless weekends at the other place I call home.

What about the exterior of the home? We had already gotten a decent head start on it but it needed so much. Some days instead of painting we raked leaves or cleaned out the gutters full of leaves. See a common word there? Leaves everywhere! The brick of the home of course is pretty low maintenance so we didn’t have to touch that. Our main concern was doing something about the yard for the time being because with time we could work on the doors and windows. It’s funny how many leaves we had and how just by raking them into a pile changed the look of the house. I wondered then and still do today why wasn’t our yard taken better care of? Besides that, flash forward two years, our yard is in the best shape its probably ever been in. No longer is it moss covered, blanketed by leaves, or flea infested. Plus, we have grass!

To sum this blog up for the month when it comes to flipping a home even the smallest bit of work can sometimes make a huge difference and we have been lucky with that. Although some of that small bits of work has been hard work it has helped transform this place into what it is today. And I will always keep in mind that while the paint choices and flooring may not be my cup of tea it at one time was in style and gives the home a story from previous families that lived here and gave the home life. Just as we have and plan to for the remaining time that we will be here.

Look for a new blog next month! What will I write about next?

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