LT Draw Down 2018

LT Draw Down


How many of y’all have ever been affected by an LT draw down? Not like it’s a bad thing though! Whether a boat owner or waterfront homeowner we are in some way not only affected by it but also intrigued. In my life time I have seen the lake levels fluctuate a few times. A few being planned and others not so much.

More recently, the planned one, I experienced the lake level being down at least eight feet. This gives Duke Energy the time to work on the dam and homeowners the chance to repair or fix things around their homes and piers (with the proper permission and permits from Duke). Not only do they produce a ton of energy when they drain out all of that water but it leaves behind a ton of “beach” area that we wouldn’t normally see during a full pond.

That brings me to why I wanted to do a blog this month about the draw down. Although it has slightly occurred to me before I never really thought about it too much until now when this one started. I have been fairly lucky to have experienced a few of these over the years because the lake has been such a major factor my whole life and it is so neat to see it. But, what about those folks and kids that either don’t come to the lake often or at all? They may never see it and miss out on a cool experience of finding hidden treasures, tools, or a brand new pair of Spy sunglasses they bought five minutes before dropping them in the water (true story). This particular thought came to mind because of Brogan. Why? While he has graced the lake with his presence multiple times throughout his life on the weekends he has always been there, or Badin Lake, at closer to full pond. I have to remind myself every once in a while that even though people vacation near water not everyone has a life that revolves around it like I have my whole life whether it be a lake, ocean, or swimming pool.

With that said, while the water has been down I have taken Brogan to see it a few times to be able to experience the same “cool factor” I have with past water level drops. The first time you see it even if the drop isn’t significant yet it still will leave you amazed at what lies underneath all of the water where you are normally swimming or where your boat normally floats. Things are revealed that you you’ve never known would be there otherwise like large limbs, tree trunks, or old chairs. When you see this at 20 something the reactions seem almost the same as if it was me at around 11.

The first water drop I remember was around Fall 2006. That was the largest that I’m aware of in my lifetime. This was was 15+ feet around the shorelines. Massive amounts of shoreline uncovered for miles! The next large water drop was around Fall 2010 and although it was large it still didn’t beat the last one. Pictures below will show the previous drops!

December 2010

December 2010

December 2010

December 2010

When they decide to drop the water it really is a site to see no matter how old you are! But, if you aren’t familiar with some of the history of our wonderful lake then it is an opportunity to come and see a little bit of older remains too in some places. Lake Tillery is man made and began back in the 1920’s. Almost 100 years ago! They flooded the area and up went the dams. Of course, it was much more detailed and complicated than that but that is the short and sweet version for you. That is one thing that makes this so interesting to see because you never know what you may uncover.

Although I could probably write a short story on this I will try and wrap it up with this one last paragraph. If you are a boat driver always use caution because you never know what could be just a few inches under your propellers. Hit it just the right way and you can really do some damage or beach the whole thing! If you are an enthusiastic metal detector or treasure hunter I’m sure you could find an accidentally dropped diamond ring or gold somewhere or at least at what is called “the sandbar”. And if you walk out of somewhere over the water like our ski shop/marina, that we previously owned and operated, always be sure you have your brand (just purchased) new sunglasses on your head very secure or you just might be losing them to the water like so many items have by others!

Hope y’all enjoy these photos of previous draw downs and this one for Fall 2018! I know we have and even found a few lost tools.